Wildwasser Eldo XT sprayskirt review

So I was tired of getting water in my Jackson Villain – I mean, what’s the point of having a boat without holes if water comes in through the skirt. I was looking for a rubber rand – bungie skirts just never seem to be able to seal tight enough to lock out all the water. I have a trusty old Mt. Surf but it’s old and holey, and too small to get on my boat without some serious effort and the all embarrassing ‘asking for help’. Though I did love how its lip locked into place and made you confident the skirt wasn’t coming off without a similar amount of effort. I could get a new Mt. Surf the proper size but honestly the company has had some production issues and I didn’t feel like waiting.

On the recommendation of a friend I checked out the Wildwasser Eldo XT. It certainly had all the right features: rubber rand, aramid (kevlar) deck reinforcement, and even a removable implosion bar. It goes on easier than my Mt. Surf and it takes a little care to get the flat rand to sit properly. But once set it is bone dry – the main thing you want out of a spraydeck. And with it’s grippy seal and the implosion bar in I have full confidence that this thing is never going to implode (at least I don’t run anything tall enough to make that happen). It really is the perfect skirt that has exactly what I wanted and it’s not often you find something the fits the bill so precisely.

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